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The Story About Me

I'm not one of those people who enjoy talking about myself, I'd rather listen to stories about you, Luckily, I'm a better photographer than a writer, but hey, here we go!

I'm a Latvian-born, England-living. Between Latvia and England, I lived in Canada for a couple of years where I found my passion for photography. I started as a hobby, capturing friends, family and of course my doggo. 

Long story short, I moved back to England - Wheey! Covid-19 hit - Bo0oo! As my days opened up, I decided to utilise my time and start J-anis Photography. I started by capturing models, families, and animals, and I got pretty good at it; so good that I won the South England Portrait Photographer of the Year Prestige Award for 2021/2022. That wouldn't be possible without amazing people with whom I have worked and who supported me in this journey. 

I have started my next adventure in photography by capturing the most special moments in any lovers' life - weddings! As my fiancée and I are planning our own wedding, I know all the nitty-gritty details that have to be organised and that every little thing is going to be special, therefore I know the importance of ensuring that every moment of our (and your!) wedding day will be captured to perfection. So much time and effort has gone into the day that we want to be able to remember it properly; and not just through selfies!

This is where I come in. I want to help you and make sure that your wedding is immortalised, so that any friends or family that couldn't make it, or even future generations, can see how perfect your wedding was! 


Enough about me, let's talk how can I help?

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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